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Bring in Change 渣打香港馬拉松2024慈善計劃
Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2024 Charity Programme

Bring in Change 有幸成為渣打香港馬拉松2024慈善計劃支持的慈善機構之一,並獲得本屆馬拉松慈善名額作籌款用途。除籌款外,Bring in Change抱着希望更多人關注社區內長者的身、心、社交健康的宗旨,一直以來我們走進社區鼓勵老友記嘗試運動,不論快慢,不需要跟別人比較,純粹享受做運動的樂趣,透過做運動帶來的信心,在人生其他範疇嘗試更多突破更多成就更多。Bring in Change團隊成員熱愛運動、熱愛挑戰,我們相信老友記都可以跟我們一樣,勇於嘗試自己認為做不到的事情,並且發現做運動沒有想像中難,他們也可以完成跑步比賽,人生下半場還有很多挑戰,仍然可以活得更精彩。

本籌款計劃得到馬拉松愛好者 林海峰先生 Jan Lamb 跑到最前支持,用上他親自設計的林狗圖像,與 Team Bring in Change 的設計 crossover 推出限量版慈善紀念品,籌得的所有款項將不扣除成本全數用作支持我們的社區長者服務 「Uncles Aunties Running Party」,讓我們把計劃推廣到更多區域、​去到更多社區,為老友記提供免費的跑步及運動課程,目標是鼓勵 Uncles Aunties 加入我們的跑步團,與我們一起訓練,一起跑得更遠,一年後「向渣打香港馬拉松 2025 終點衝過去,向PB衝過去,要跑足一佰歲!」

Bring in Change is honoured to be one of the charity organizations supported by the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2024 Charity Programme. We have received a number of SCHKM charity quota for fundraising purposes. In addition to fundraising, it is more important to raise awareness for the ageing issues in Hong Kong, and for the physical, mental and social wellbeings of the seniors. We accompany and encourage the seniors in the community to exercise. Doesn’t matter how fast or slow they go, there is no need to compare with others, the seniors should simply enjoy the fun of doing exercise, and with better physical and mental strength, they can improve their quality of life and achieve more in the golden age. All team members in Bring in Change love doing sports and challenging ourselves. Sport has changed our lives, we believe it can change the seniors’ too. We hope that they will have the courage to try and achieve things that they once believed impossible, like completing a running race, and thus keep setting new targets and accepting new challenges, so they will age happily and gracefully.


We are happy to have Mr. Jan Lamb, renowned local radio host and marathon runner, to support our fundraising project, designing limited charity products in collaboration with Team Bring in Change. All funds raised from this project, without deduction of any administration expenses and production costs, will be fully allocated to support the elderly community programmes of Bring in Change, “Uncles Aunties Running Party". It would help us expand our activities to more districts, providing free running courses and exercise classes to the seniors. Our goal is to encourage Uncles and Aunties to join our running group, train with us, and a year later, participate in 2025 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon. Run towards the finish line, run towards their PBs, and run till a hundred years old!


無論你是 20mething、30mething、40mething 或是50mething,我們邀請你加入 Team Bring in Change,為長者服務籌款!

每個Team Bring in Change慈善名額包括:

  • 渣打馬拉松比賽名額一個 (十公里/ 半馬/ 全馬,已包含報名費)

  • Jan Lamb x Bring in Change 限量慈善tee一件

  • Jan Lamb x Bring in Change 限量慈善號碼布一張 (非比賽號碼布,可扣於比賽跑衣後方或其他位置)

  • Team Bring in Change 限量慈善 race belt 一條

  • 專業長跑教練主理的 Team Bring in Change 跑步工作坊一節


Team Bring in Change 渣打香港馬拉松慈善名額最低籌款額:  

十公里: HK$2000/ 半馬: HK$2500/ 全馬: HK$3000 (捐款超過港幣$100可獲扣稅收據)


有興趣加入Team Bring in Change的跑手請填寫報名表格並上載捐款證明,成功報名後將於一個星期內收到報名確定電郵,名額有限,先到先得,多謝支持!

報名開始:2023年11月9日 上午6 時正

報名截止:2023年12月15日 中午12時正,額滿即止 

報名表格: 請按此連結

比賽日期:2024年01月21日 (星期日)

加入Team Bring in Change,一起為自己、為老友記向終點衝過去 !

*本計劃籌得的所有善款將不扣除成本全數用作支持 Bring in Change 的社區長者服務

如有查詢可電郵至 info@bringinchange.org感謝支持Bring in Change!

Phase one: Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2024 Charity Quota

No matter you are 20mething、30mething、40mething or 50mething, we would like to invite you to join our Team Bring in Change and fundraising for elderly services!

Each Team Bring in Change Quota includes:

  • A race quota for SCHKM (10 km/ half marathon/ full marathon, registration fee included)

  • Jan Lamb x Bring in Change limited edition charity tee

  • Jan Lamb x Bring in Change limited edition race bib (non-race bib, can be shown at the back of the race jersey or anywhere you like)

  • Team Bring in Change limited edition race belt

  • Team Bring in Change running workshop led by professional running coaches

Team Bring in Change SCHKM Minimum Fundraising Amount:

10km: HK$2000/ Half Marathon: HK$2500/ Full Marathon: HK$3000

(A tax-deductible donation receipt will be issued for donations of HK$100 or above)


Runners who are interested in joining Team Bring in Change should fill out the registration form and upload a proof of donation. After successful registration, you will receive a registration confirmation email within one week. The quota is limited and registration will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis. Thank you for your support!

Registration Starts:12pm, 9 November, 2023

Registration Ends:12pm, 15 December, 2023 (first come, first served)

Registration Form:Please click here

SCHKM Race Day:Sunday, 21 January, 2024

Join Team Bring in Change, Run for Yourself, Run for the Elderly!

*All funds raised from this project, without deduction of any administration expenses and production costs, will be fully allocated to support the elderly community programmes of Bring in Change


For any enquiry, please email Thank you for your support!

Phase two and Phase three: Stay tuned! 

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