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Running Gear Donation to Kenya

2013, 2015, 2017

Kenya is marathoners’ kingdom, but running equipment is a luxury in that town. Many people in Kenya are living below the poverty line, without water or electricity supply, and even have difficulties to support their basic living. Running is a hope for them to get out of poverty. The prize from winning a race is a huge support to them. That’s what keep them running and practicing every day.

We collected used running shoes snd jerseys in Hong Kong and volunteers went to Kenya to deliver the donations to Henry Wanyoike Foundation. Henry Wanyoike is the blind Kenyan runner who has participated in Hong Kong Standard Chartered Marathon.


BiC在香港收集運動衫、舊跑鞋,義工們親身前往肯亞,捐贈與 Henry Wanyoike Henry Wanyoike Foundation)。Henry曾經來港參加渣打馬拉松的肯亞視障運動員。

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