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(On going) Senior Bootcamp

2018 - Present

BiC encourages seniors to exercise regularly to meet their daily mobility needs. It's not just a training for the body, more importantly, it is a training for the brain!

Once a week, at 8:00 a.m. in each district, we provide exercise equipment and professional trainers to help seniors build up muscles, strength their body balance, coordination, and cardio with simple exercises to prevent and improve knee and other joint degeneration problems. Simply to aviod accidents and injuiries in their daily life.

Group exercise is happy, challenging and motivating.

Hong Kong District - Happy Valley

Wednesday 8:00am

Venue: Crescent Park

Kowloon District - Sham Shui Po

Tuesday 8:00am

Venue: Nam Cheong Park

More to come, stay tuned.


我們提供運動器材,由專業教練指導,以簡單的保健動作鍛鍊肌肉及身體平衡、手腳協調及心肺功能,預防及改善膝蓋與其他關節退化問題。 盡量減低日常生活發生意外和 受傷的機會。



香港區 - 跑馬地

星期三 早上八點


九龍區 - 深水埗

星期二 早上八點



Project Gallery

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