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About BiC

Change is contagious, be the change today!

Bring in Change is a registered charitable organisation established by a group of sports-loving volunteers in 2012. Our vision is to promote the benefits and importance of physical and mental well-being, including but not limited to active and healthy lifestyles, for the purpose of relief of poverty and advancement of education primarily among the elderly, low income families and members of the public from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Bring in Change為註冊慈善團體,由一群熱愛運動的義工在2012年成立。最初透過收集收集跑鞋及跑步服裝親身送到肯亞以支持及幫助當地跑手,近年致力推動本港社區活動,透過運動提升長者身心靈健康、扶貧及支援基層家庭及其他弱勢社群。我們會定期在不同社區舉辦運動日及其他活動,關懷我們的長者及青少年。

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